Let's Talk About the Weather

Ep.11| Keeping Roads Safe in Low Visibility

February 11, 2022 OTT CAST by OTT HydroMet Season 1 Episode 11
Let's Talk About the Weather
Ep.11| Keeping Roads Safe in Low Visibility
Show Notes

With Laura Goodfellow and Frank Zokoll, Business Development Managers Road Weather, and Steven Marks, Sales Manager Road Weather

Low visibility is a major root cause for traffic accidents and thus a significant safety risk. Meteorological phenomena as fog, snow and, in desert areas, sandstorms are very dynamic and often limited to a small area. Monitoring those events close to the road and adapting traffic flow with Variable Message Signs (VMS) accordingly can save lives.

In this episode, three road weather experts share their experience on traffic-impacting meteorological events and individual regional properties. We learn how to compile a typical road weather monitoring station, too. These are some topics discussed in this episode: 

  • Formation and fog and black ice and their impact on road safety
  • Providing atmospheric data for Variable Message Signs (VMS)
  • Technical details on OTT HydroMet’s visibility sensors Lufft VS2k and VS20k

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