Let's Talk About the Weather

Ep.13| Back from #Intersolar2022: Soiling & Solar PV in Eastern Europe

May 23, 2022 OTT CAST by OTT HydroMet Season 1 Episode 13
Let's Talk About the Weather
Ep.13| Back from #Intersolar2022: Soiling & Solar PV in Eastern Europe
Show Notes

With Francois Laurent, Sales Manager France, and Marin Dimitrov, Business Development Manager Eastern Europe

What a show it was! In May 2022, the solar industry has come together in Munich to celebrate its unbroken growth around the globe. In this episode of OTT CAST, we share the learnings and topics that were discussed at the OTT HydroMet booth.

While some regions, such as Eastern Europe are starting to catch up building a solar energy infrastructure, established players are investigating ways to increase efficiency of their systems. Monitoring soiling losses and optimizing PV panel cleaning schemes become increasingly important. The Kipp & Zonen DustIQ soiling monitoring system can be help a lot to understand soiling and mitigate its impact on your plant performance.

Tune in and learn about: 

  • The impact of soiling on PV performance and ways to monitor it
  • The new Kipp & Zonen SMP12 pyranometer and its most acclaimed features
  •  How the solar PV market in Eastern Europe is maturing

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