Let's Talk About the Weather

Ep.5| Back from #AMS2021 – Learnings & Trends

March 05, 2021 Victor Cassella, Sasha Ivans & Ted Soto Season 1 Episode 5
Let's Talk About the Weather
Ep.5| Back from #AMS2021 – Learnings & Trends
Show Notes

With Victor Cassella, Meteorologist and Sales Engineer, Sasha Ivans, Business Development Manager – Environmental Meteorology, and Teddy Soto, Application Development Manager

The 101st Annual Meeting of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) was a special one. For the first time, this renowned event has been held completely virtually. More than 5,000 attendees document the steadily growing interest in meteorology. In this episode, 3 experienced exhibitors share their impressions and learnings from this event. Besides various and individual findings, they agree on one conclusion: Virtual events hold great potential for sharing knowledge and interacting globally – they will stay with us in the future. Among others, our guests share these learnings from the 101st AMS Annual Meeting: 

  • Niche applications still hold a huge potential for further technological developments COVID-19 fuels the trend of companies providing complete monitoring solutions and support instead of single components 
  • Open protocols and flexible data communication become more important and complex 

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