Let's Talk About the Weather

Ep.8| Getting Runways Ready for ICAO GRF

October 27, 2021 OTT HydroMet Season 1 Episode 8
Let's Talk About the Weather
Ep.8| Getting Runways Ready for ICAO GRF
Show Notes

With Peter Rau, Software Developer of ViewMondo, Laura Goodfellow, Application Development Manager Road Weather & Jeff Cole, Business Development Manager Road Weather & Aviation

Ensuring safe conditions on runways is a highly responsible task. From November 4 on, the International Civil Organization launches the Global Reporting Format (GRF) will be applicable for airports all over the world. It features major points that are already covered in the TALPA that is valid for North America.

In our latest episode, we explain what will change and how airports can prepare for it. Our experts discuss:

  • how ICAO GRF will make runways safer
  • the structure of the new reporting format GRF
  • OTT HydroMet's solution to support airport operators combining Lufft MARWIS mobile road sensor and ViewMondo monitoring software

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